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Keeping It Internal… May ’18

A lot of the projects Delinquent get commissioned to make are for internal eyes only and therefore not for public consumption. So while we can’t share specifics or show anything from the work, we can at least give you some … Read More

Paypal Tear It Up

Splitting the bill can be a right pain. Who owes who, can I pay you back later, who’s sorting out the tip – it can be a right squabble-filled minefield. Now, thanks to Paypal’s new app and its ability to let … Read More

Tampax Tax Back

In collaboration with Superdrug agency Z PR got in touch with us to make a short spot highlighting a current hot topic, namely the issue of women having to pay VAT on tampons as they are ridiculously considered a ‘luxury’.

Interviewing … Read More

What’s Your Method?

Marcus Mays Productions came to us to produce some spots for the environmentally conscious French household products company Method.

The tongue-in-cheek short films all base around the guilty little short-cuts that some people can take towards cleaning – if we’re … Read More

One Road For All

17 road users are hurt – some fatally – every day on Kent’s roads. An alarming statistic by any measure.

Ad agency Thinkzest commissioned Delinquent to shoot a commercial highlighting how we – young, old, male, female, driver or pedestrian – … Read More

Webster Whiteman

Darren Webster is one the UK’s leading hairdressers and was recently nominated for the British Mens Hairdresser of The Year. Delinquent were commissioned to make a short film introducing Darren’s work to be played at all of Darren’s shows throughout Europe.

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The Foundry – Mischief

‘Mischief’ is a ground breaking new piece of natural media software from industry fx stalwarts The Foundry. Allowing you to work on an infinite resolution independent canvas, it ushers in a whole new way of working with digital natural media tools.

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Introducing Microsoft Band

Microsoft have released a great new way to keep up with your fitness, schedule, and social life, and all from the comfort of your own wrist. We were on hand to shoot two spots to help promote the release of a great … Read More

Secret Handshakes with Safeguard Handwash

This issue is especially pertinent at the moment in light of the current Ebola epidemic in Africa so the ad has taken on a new social relevance since we first put the idea into production.

Washing your hands has … Read More

Vertu: Introducing the Aster

To coincide with the Aster, Vertu’s latest smartphone release, we delivered a few pieces of content to be used across Vertu’s social media platforms and distributed to international news outlets including a tour of the factory, talking heads with … Read More