Keeping It Internal… May ’18

A lot of the projects Delinquent get commissioned to make are for internal eyes only and therefore not for public consumption.┬áSo while we can’t share specifics or show anything from the work, we can at least give you some semi-regular updates and general details (some more cryptically than others) about some of the below-the-radar projects that we’ve been asked to make but will never be able show…


  • A pitch film for an agency courting new business from a leading sports brand
  • A series of films for a Pharma client
  • Animation work for a new Pharma brand identity
  • Animation work promoting new GDPR guidelines for a global tech giant
  • More in the world of Pharma featuring some animation work highlighting groundbreaking new treatments for debilitating disease
  • Pitch film for an agency looking to drum up new business from a major game developer
  • Pitch film for an agency looking for new business from a major energy supplier
  • 8 films for an internal training programme for a major car manufacturer
  • Promotional films for one of the best known luxury hotel brands on the planet
  • Films for a whole new technological era in modern motor racing