Secret Handshakes with Safeguard Handwash

We were recently tasked with creating an engaging online commercial for Safeguard Hand wash to entice young children and adults alike to regularly wash their hands as part of their daily routine just in time to celebrate the 5th year of Global Hand washing Day.

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This issue is especially pertinent at the moment in light of the current Ebola epidemic in Africa so the ad has taken on a new social relevance since we first put the idea into production.

Washing your hands has always been considered to be an important practice in less economically developed areas, but Safeguards partnership with many leading medical associations throughout Asia, Latin America and Africa has helped promote life saving hygiene habits that have improved standards for more than 40 million children worldwide.

We were lucky enough to work with renowned hand choreographer, Peter Harding from Up & Over It on this project, fresh from his Vegas tour. He guided our 6 actors, both young and old, through 5 different routines on the day; a mean feat for any choreographer.

This commercial was shot at Prodigious studios in Soho with DOP, Robin Horn.